Sunday, December 27, 2015


Ok, So I absolutely love, Love farmhouse style kitchens!  I want mine to be this huge thing you see on something like The Pioneer Woman or anything that you could find on pinterest, but lets admit it, that cost lots of moolah!  So I do what I can on a budget and try to make it as cutesy and farmhouse as possible.

Today I'm posting a picture of what I just recently made for my pantry opening because I had double doors there but of course when you have 4 children running in and out of them all day eating snacks or cooking the next meal, the door handles and doors stay dirty! So I was constantly wiping down or doing the handy man thing, like putting dead bolt locks or any other kind of locks we could try to keep them from sneeking and getting food when they weren't  supposed to.

Well, after the doors were left with holes and filthy looking I decided to sew my on little country curtains to give it that farmhouse appeal and keep the pantry from showing my clutterness to everyone that walked in and out of the house.
It was very simple to do, material and tension rod came from Walmart and was up within about 2 hours time.  
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