Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Are you wanting to change your Christmas Tree Skirt to make it have a little more country appeal but don't want to spend much?  That's always the name of the game for me anyways.  I went in a few stores and would see such pretty ones like at Cracker Barrel or just anywhere that would cost 30 or more.  I didn't really want to put that into it since we were trying to just pay for Christmas! So of course I improvised.  I went to the famous place I love, Hobby Lobby and purchase a roll of burlap, and a large K letter. Which you can also see in my kitchen from my turnip greens cooking post. Once I used it for this project I placed it in my kitchen as decoration.  (2 birds, one stone! YES!)

Ok, so anyways, I laid my old tree skirt face down and folded the burlap up on the edges.  I had to use a total of 3 strips.  Once I had cut the extra off I used straight sewing pins and attached it to it.  I didn't sew it on like I had planned because the original skirt was pretty nice and I figure if I ever get tired of the burlap I can just take it back off.  Once I pinned it all the way around I cut out the hole for the tree and basically like I was making a pattern made it the same size of the original skirt.  I took some of my daughters white acrylic paint covered my wooden K and pressed it into the skirt.  I loved the way it turned out for our little country Christmas tree, which was a white pine this year.  I also took some of the remaining burlap and made a wrap to go around the tree bowl to give it a finished look!
I think the roll of burlap was around 9, the letter was 2.50! Not bad for a new looking skirt.
What do you think?
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