Wednesday, December 30, 2015


This is another post that's kinda old.  I did this project back in the summer time but wasn't blogging at the time but did think to take a picture.  I love how on pinterest you can see all these old dressers changed into a sink by cutting a hole and sitting a vessel sink on top.  I really wanted to do something like that, but this was gonna be for my girls bathroom and of course they wouldn't take care of a antique dresser the way a adult would (makeup, fingernail polish remover, yikes!) so I decided to use something a little different.

When Kylah was born in 2003 it was very popular to get these dressers that had the changing station area built on top. It was long on one end, high up on the other to put a basket for diapers and wipes. It was really cool to use at the time with all 4 of my kids especially as a space saver cause the changing pad laid right on top.  Anyways, I decided that it would be neat to use this piece of furniture for them cause it was something that they had as a baby.
Not the best picture I know, but hey I wasn't blogging at the time and just wanted to take a before and after picture to see if it would turn out.  So I started off sanding it really really well to get the coating off the top so the paint would adhere good.  Once I sanded it, I cleaned it off with a old diaper cloth to make sure I removed all the sawdust.  I purchased black furniture paint from Lowes and started with a coat.  I let that dry 24 hours, lightly (I mean really light) sanded it again the next day and painted another coat of black.  My hubby bought some spray polyurethane from Lowes and we took it outside and sprayed a coat on it.  Waited 24 hours, lightly sanded and I brushed the polyurethane on this time.  I did this about 3 times to make the coats thick because I know how messy my girls are.  I still would like to go back and add another coat or two just to give it a great thick shine but I haven't done it.  We bought a vessel sink from Lowes for 80 and a friend of ours cut the hole for the sink.  So for the paint, sink, some new nobs(lowes) and polyurethane we have about 100 in our sink instead of 400 to buy a new sink and vanity, YAY!
We also had our friend to build a little magazine rack that matches the cabinet to put books in.  You don't have to do that, but it looks pretty cool, like a old milk crate.  We did purchase a vessel sink faucet, I can't remember exactly what it cost, but with that you could go as expensive as you wanted to depending on how fancy you wanted it to be.  We choose a little more modern one for the girls to make it look like young tweens :)  We had to use some small screws to hold the top drawer closed because of the hardware to the sink underneath, but the 2 lower drawers are still usable for pjs and what ever else you may would want to put in there.  
I bought all the hardware for the bathroom to match off of Amazon it was way way cheaper than Lowes.  It looks great and is very durable. Let me know what you think!

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