Monday, December 28, 2015


Ok, So does anyone out there really use a coat closet?  Well, maybe I should say does anyone out there with kids use a coat closet?  Cause basically I think they hold a lot of junk.  Mine did anyways.  I never hung the first coat in it.  I kept it closed cause I wanted to stick everything I could think of in there and hope and pray no one ever opened the dog gone thing.  I had only shelves, paint buckets, old vcr's (yes I said VCR) in said closet.  So I decided with the holidays coming up, and my hubby wanting to have company to come here this year (sigh, tired face) that I needed a nice cleaned out area for people to hang their coats and it be cute and not cost much to change.
So yes, you can see it looked bad... and yes it had shelves inside that I had to rip out. Which I must say was harder than I thought to remove! But I did get them out.  It was just your typical plain jane coat closet.  
So the first thing I did, after the ripping and roaring took place, was to clean all the mess up. And remove the spider webs, which I absolutely hate because the kids will tell you mama loves animals, all kinds but NOT spiders! 
So its clean, and the painting begins.  I used some old grey paint from where I had just finished my pallet wall project in my bathroom. Then once the paint dried, I added some pallets to the middle to give it a little country look :) and some plain hooks from Lowes Home Store.  
I moved the same shelves I had carefully removed from the top down to the bottom to give it the little seat for the kids to sit on when they tie their shoes.  I used a old chair cushion and recovered it with some cool looking material from Walmart.  Then I attached some of the left over pallets with the nail gun to give it a finished look. 
I was really tickled with how it turned out.  I did get a old tub, small stool and wall art all from hobby lobby. But with the coupon I think it was around 60 to 70 bucks.  The basket for gloves and hats came from Walmart.  The old lantern was one my husband had from long ago.  Here are some other views. 

This is the view from the front door.  I also have a little fake light that hangs in there that is battery powered so at night it looks like the lantern is lit.  So what do you think?

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