Sunday, December 27, 2015


Well, I'm new to this whole new blogging thing... But excited to try and start to journal fun things about our family and hopefully learn neat things along the way.  It has been a crazy winter for us here.  The weather can't make up its mind if it wants to be hot or cold. Today its 75 degrees which is weird for us in December.  We were coming out to go to church and the frogs were chirping in the creek. So now we will have all these crazy viruses and colds going around because it hasn't been cold enough to kill all the germs that are going around.  Which leads me to my first topic.. husband "the taxidermist" is a germ-a-fobe! We must keep hand sanitizer in every location in our home, pockets, vehicles, ect.  This is a must! But i guess if you look at some of the things he looks at all day you would want to keep your hands clean? right? my 2 younger boys don't think so.  LOL

To explain a little bit about us, my husband works for the Greensboro Fire Dept every third day and then runs a full time taxidermy business that his grandfather started back in 1984. You can check out more about that at  I have 4 kids, 2 girls, 2 boys.  My oldest Kylah is 12, Emma Grace 10, Jonah 9, and Isaiah the baby is 6. (I'm not just the mother to the last one, I'm more of his attorney my husband says since I always come to his defense when things go wrong...hahaha) One thing you will learn about our crew is that we love animals.  All kinds of them.  What is really nuts is that I'm super, I mean SUPER tender hearted towards them. Which my husband thinks is wacky since he is a taxidermist, but yet loves me anyways. My sons on the other hand, do not share much of the same sympathies.  We do have rule here--you only kill what you eat.  So that way the boys understand we don't go around just killing any animal we see. It must be something that we are using that God provided for us to feed us. My boys have a excellent example set before them in their father. I do not even like any movies that has animals that get hurt, injured or dies in it.  I will not watch it, my husband has to watch those with the kids.  Even though I do love a good movie.

Sundays are always our relaxing day.  We both work in classes at our church Osborne Baptist in Eden, NC. and then come home and rest or play with our kids, then its diner at my moms every Sunday evening.  Christmas has wore everyone out and its actually peaceful in our home for 5 mins because everyone has something new to play with or they are asleep.  I have so many things I want to start to post or talk about! I can't wait to see how all this is gonna play out!
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