Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Around here when it rains for days straight like it has (huff, huff) we need something fun for the kids to do.  Especially boys that drive you crazy when they can't run in and out of the woods to hunt.  Well, something for them to do when they are coming in to get dry from running in and out cause mine still do even when its raining, yay mom--:(

The kids like to run back and forth to the taxidermy shop because its at the end of our driveway, but even when things slow down up there and not much is going on in the house(in other words, mama is cleaning and they don't want to be found) they get bored and want something fun to do.  So we bring the hunting in doors.  We have always set up tents with them.  Inside and out.... but as little bitty ones the girls had this huge pink castle tent that they played with until it fell apart.  They would spend hours in it, watching movies, coloring or playing hide and seek.  My oldest is 12 and she still likes to play in anything like that.  So for Christmas this year the boys were given a deer blind so now that's what we do on a rainy day.  They put it up last night on the front porch, it was a instant tent, now today in the middle of the living room with sleeping bags its a instant club house.  So if your kids are driving you crazy because they are stuck inside you can try this, they will love it!

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