Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I'm so excited about having a little place where I can brag on my youngins.  Each one of our kids are showing different things that they are interested in as they get a little older and are blossoming into their on individual things they like.  We have a painter-artist, an inspiring singer, one that loves the taxidermy like his daddy, then one boy that just loves everything right now...2 that espescially like farming and being with his granddaddy anytime there is cows, or work involved.  We are proud of them all, but one at a time I want to start posting little things they do cause, if this is a site about being a MAMA and thats what I'm good at, then I must have braggin rights!

So today its dreary outside but at least the temperature dropped a little to make it feel a little more like winter.  Kylah decides that she wants to go spend a little time in her room on her new desk that Santa gave her and do some painting.  So thats what this post is about is the new picture that she painted.  She has been taking lessons around a 1 year, but she has been drawing and doodling as long as I can remember.  So here is her picture.
and Yes, I propped it up with my pot of turnip greens! lol But I do plan to do another post later about those! Anyways, How good is that wolf and his (smoke, as Isaiah puts it!) she is so excited about this, and I love that she has her heart wrapped in it.  She has many other pictures she has painted you can also see some of those on Instagram she has a board called paintforjesus! 
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