Sunday, December 27, 2015


So I'm so excited about a project that I just finished in my home.  I had been researching on pinterest (oh, pinterest? frowny face, my husband says) and found all these walls that people had been doing in there bathrooms or just a neat area in the home with pallets.  So of course, I had to try it!

 I worried my dad (who is still farming and I bug like he has nothing else to do) to get me some pallets from one of the grain places he goes to sell wheat.  I told him I wanted really old ones that would look like they had come from an old barn.  We really like the white washed old barn style wood.  I wish that I had started blogging before I done this project that way I would have taken pictures along the way.  But anywho, I didn't so therefore I'm going to just post a picture and tell you what I done and then next time I will know better!

I had about 5 really old pallets, I had my tough as nails boy Jonah (who is 9, I have to brag, cause I mean dang, what 9 year old wants to run a pressure washer!) he washed all them and we left them out to dry overnight.  Next, my hubby and I pulled all the pallets apart and laid them out on plastic. I bought stain from your local Lowes Home Store, grey and whitewash colors.  We used a really cheap brush and just ran it over the boards until we liked the look.  The next day after they had dried, I used liquid nail and some black screws here and there and made my pallet wall.  I wanted my boards to be all scattered, in other words I didn't want each pallet to line straight up and down so I had to use different boards and make cuts based off where the last pallet ended.  The project took me most of the day because I was making all the cuts by myself.. But overall, I absolutely love the finished look because I have a beach theme in my bathroom so I didn't want the typical pine look.  I plan to hang something on the wall but haven't gotten that far with it yet.

So yay! I do like the way it turned out.  I think I spent around 25 for the total project.  Stain, liquid nail, and some cheap brushes.... I have some other projects I have done with the boards also that I will post soon!
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