Friday, January 22, 2016


Hey Everyone!!! You would think with all this snowing going on I would be posting like crazy, but I have been working on lovely Taxes...ughhhhh....yes taxes... I despise the things.  With us being self employed we have so much to get together.  But anyhow, I have worked for 2 days on them and now I'm finally finished.. Yay!

I have so many projects that I want to finish or stuff that I've done and need to do a write up or a post on it.  Today I was really excited cause other than finishing my taxes I was able to work on my bathroom. I have wanted to slowly but surly put my on style with in it. When we first moved in I was in such a rush to just get in with 4 children (one which was only 4 months old) that I ended up just sticking old stuff I had in every little spot and not really able to take the room and say, "Hey, how do I want this to look?" 

So that's my mission now.  I'm taking one room at a time and trying to put my own little spin on things, but do it slow so I will really like how it turns out.   I repainted it, did the pallet wall, then made my little shelf out of the old art box(see previous post).  I have wanted a little old house style cabinet to put in there cause lets admit it, a women needs to hide those little personal things cause we don't want our "stuff" laying all over the bathroom.  I have been looking for said cabinet for 2 years cause it had to have a old charm but be small enough to fit on a certain wall.... I finally found it at where?? of course the wonderful Hobby Lobby my go to store!!! I already had a little jar my kids had found out in the woods and then put a neat little floral piece from hobby lobby in it to give it some charm.  The only thing I have left to do is decide what I'm gonna hang on my pallet wall but out of pinterest and many, many trips in lots of stores I haven't found just the right thing yet.  I like to make stuff, so that it doesn't cost very much, but yet for it to look really cool and like something you would see in a old farm house cause that's just the style that's "us."
What do you think?
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