Saturday, January 2, 2016


That's what I think about when I think of a new year! A loud scream.  The reason I think that is because my brain is usually on overload at the beginning of a new year.  How many of us fall into that same ol routine of feeling like we need to start everything anew, everything fresh, loose weight, revamp our homes, lives, ect.  That's what I fall into.

The last 3 days I have been confined to the house, which I'm usually at home, but I mean confined to the inside of the house because I've had a sick one.  My smallest has had a virus and boy its been one.  He has felt pitiful.  But during this down time I have been able to work on 13 years worth of old photos of all the kids to try and make photo books for us to look at anytime.  I have made this horrible habit of saving them all on memory sticks and saying well one day I will use them all to make books.  Well, the day arrived and boy am I wishing I had been making these so called memory books all this time.  I have loaded over 2000 pictures into accounts.  Ughhhhhh ..... anyways, looking back into these books I see how I've done the same routine every year, gain, loose, change, redo.

What happens when we run out of ideas? Well, that's part of why I wanted to do this blog.  I hope that I will have people to actually read and take a look at it and put in their ideas!  Kinda like pinterest, but here where lots of other mamas can come to one place and say, "Hey, there it is, a easy idea lets go with that!" That's why I am posting foods and crafts that are EASY!  I want my kids to remember me having fun and doing things around the house and not thinking man all she did was work herself to death and we just have old pictures to show for it.  I want to start next week with clean eating and a better attitude about the way I do things.  I want stuff to be healthy but easy.  I want your ideas!!! I need others to help out with easy good foods, or crafts!

We all know that you can look on pinterest and get tons of ideas, but how many of them are nowhere near as easy as they look, OR you click on the picture and there is no instructions!! ughhhh.   Well, I hope that someone out there feels my frustration and will want to post some ideas here to get us started... I'm excited to see what this new year is gonna bring!!!
Post any ideas in the comments below.
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