Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I'm so excited about joining the world of Bible Journaling.  So many people are doing this as a way to bring something new to their study of the word and also for helping them to remember scripture.  I have just gotten started in this because of purchasing a lot of tools and bible journals for my girls at Christmas.  My friend Michelle Tuck was telling me about a lady that I could look at her stuff on Instagram Valerie Winners (probably spelt that wrong) but I took a look at it and right away I knew this was something we had to try.  Especially with Kylah loving art and painting.  We already had lots of the supplies just because Kylah has been into art for a couple of years now.  But if you have a journaling bible, pins, and color pencils you can get started.

I ordered the girls bibles from Amazon (who doesn't love amazon!) and bought some pins at Hobby Lobby.  These were for Christmas, but I was so excited over buying the supplies I told my hubs that I couldn't wait for them to open them so I, I mean them could use them.  I love getting new pencils, pens, arts supplies, I don't know why but I do.   Its like new toys.  So anyways, after she opened them and used them some and I started to see others that had posted them on Instagram I finally sit down last night and decided it was time to give it a try.  I had ordered my bible last week from Amazon and it come in(so so excited!!)

I decided to take a verse from Proverbs to start with.  Its not my best artwork but I was so so nervous about writing in my bible! You know other than highlighting and underlining I hadn't ever doodled or anything in my bible so I was really nervous about this.
I used a regular #2 pencil to sketch it out, water color pencils to color, then a felt tip black pen to cover over.  I only used water on the green.  I thought it turned out ok, but it could be so so much better.  I really want to work on my lettering.  The bottom of it is a mess, it was sloppy but again I was nervous, so I need to work on that part.  
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