Sunday, January 10, 2016


Well, Sorry I've been gone all weekend and no post, but its been a exciting one!! We were able to make it to the Big Rock Taxidermy Competition in Raleigh, NC.  There were so many taxidermist there competing this year, from Michigan, Missouri, South Carolina, just all over.  We met some really, really nice folks!  Ones that we hadn't talked to since last years event to new ones that we hope to see again next year. 
This is just some of the art work that you see as soon as you walk in the door. 
Its very exciting to see what all people are going to bring to enter. 
Eric was entering a closed mouth white tail deer and a non-water fowl, which was a turkey. 
This is us enjoying the event after we stressfully got everything set up. 
My husband is a perfectionist.  This is our third year entering this competition.  He has brought home 2nd place from the other years and he has worked hours on end to try and bring in a first place ribbon which I can report he did this time!!! I'm so so proud of him! What is even better is that he brought home a first place ribbon with both animals in two different categories!

Aren't these animals great!  He did a awesome job!
Once all the ribbons are displayed then the banquet begins to decide who had the highest score in those categories.. See, there are others who also made first place ribbons, so they take the first places and who ever has the highest score is given a trophy for Best In Class! Which I'm proud to say he won those for both areas!!
So then we get to go back to our hotel in a daze because we totally weren't expecting for the night to be this awesome!!! So thankful to God for allowing us to go and have this experience and fellowship with awesome people.  The next day he can go back and talk with the judges and get advice on how to keep continuing on improving their mounts... This is a picture of Eric and the turkey judge talking about the turkey.
Over all it was a awesome weekend! One I will never forget!
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