Wednesday, January 6, 2016


This year I told myself that I wanted to be better at taking pictures... I am not a Photographer! But wanted to be better at having those pics for memory books (ughhhh), see earlier post.  So during Christmas I walked around with a camera around my neck or used my cell phone to take pictures of stuff so I would have them for later.  This is some that I just had to share because I love my kids and all their friends.  These gals love to play pretend hunger games (which is freaky if you know how the movies ends) not something that I would have wanted to play as a kid, but they love it.  They will run around in the woods for hours playing Katniss and Petta LOL.  So here is a picture first of them after a round of hunger games.
As you can see they are all tired but love each other dearly!
Then since my two girls play it at home all the time, Santa brought them official katniss outfits and a wig(yes) a wig for Emma so she would have long hair since her sister already has long hair.  oh me
Yes they are ready for battle..... Oh how I miss being a kid, when all you had to worry about was what do I play next, or what is the next meal gonna be! (sigh)
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