Sunday, January 3, 2016


I was looking back over my pictures this afternoon and found where I had made White Chocolate Cinnamon Pretzels!!! These things are supper yummy, (under my Smack Yo Mama board on pinterest).  I found these little Delicious things on pinterest under a site called  You can go directly to her site to get the recipe.  They were EASY which is what I like and would be low in calories since they are pretzels and just a little chocolate. (ok, so yes some sugar and butter).  I'm looking to make some of these this week, so that as I try to do more clean eating if I have a sugar crash, I will have a little something I can snack on and not fail miserably and eat one of the kids snickers from Christmas which is what I've been known to do many time. (huff, puff, huff)
I have a couple of my pictures on how they turned out. So cute and yummy!
Check out the recipe

The First Picture is with the first few ingredients then the 2nd is after I added the white chocolate.  If you are not a fan of the chocolate, they are delicious even before you add the chocolate.  
I actually took a couple and added peanut butter to the middle then dipped the whole thing in white chocolate.  I only have a picture of them with peanut butter because the kids ate them all before I could snag my camera!!! Kids!!!

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