Sunday, January 3, 2016

Oh what a Mess! Country Signs and shelf

So today, since I had to miss church. (my baby Isaiah is still sick) I was trying to decide what I wanted to post.  I was looking back through my photos and found where I had taken a picture of the sign I had made out of the left over pallets from the bathroom wall project...

In my past post you can tell that I talk a lot about messiness, and well, boys! They make messes! My girls too, guess I shouldn't let my boys get all the credit.  So I made a sign to explain our mess! 
I took the pallets and used Liquid Nail (I Love this stuff) and put it between each one and placed it between the saw and my chair outside and let it sit over night to glue together.  I also took 2 small pieces of wood and screwed it down the back side to help it to stay sturdy and together.  I added a little metal bracket to the back to hang it.  I used paint markers to write the words on the front.  (my handwriting is not something you would see on pinterest, but hey its about being messy!!) so anyways, this is it!
This is hanging in my office, so I built a little shelf for underneath it to hold bills and such. 
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