Sunday, January 24, 2016


Snow! Snow!! I love it! I love snow cream, sledding, hot chocolate, baking, seeing friends while we sled, eating good food, I could go on and on.  We have been sledding for 2 days! My body is sore in places I had forgotten about... This was the first day of sledding.
It started out relatively well. We sled most of the day at my house, but then left and had to go to the monstrous hill at my parents that I slid on as a kid.  I will say I don't have a picture of yesterdays at my parents because once I sled most of the day the last time I went down with 2 of my children on my back I landed in the creek with water up to my neck, needless to say I had to go home and change clothes.  So then to the next day of sledding.  It went much better, thank goodness I only made it close to the creek and not in it.  

This is the hill! There is a nice size creek that runs along the entire bottom including a fence to keep the cows in.  The water in this creek was very cold! At this point we are just getting ourselves warmed up.  
This was after a---lot of sledding and needing something to do that was sitting to rest our legs, since we don't have a chair lift to bring us to the top, which my brother and I said we were gonna have to speak to daddy about. (yeah right) 
Well, after a awesome supper at my moms (so nice and warm) we come home to a absolutely beautiful moon that reminded me of Gods Promises to Thank him once again for a beautiful day, and all my many blessings!
It had a glow of a cross around it, it was so Awesome! 
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