Monday, January 11, 2016


Do you ever clean out the attic or closet and see something and think,"Could I make that into something else?"  I do this a lot before I throw things away or give to Good Will.  I most of the time just want it to be cleaned out or gone so most of the time it goes into a Good Will bag.  This time as I cleaned out our attic before Christmas I was in the mood to make sure I kept my eyes open for anything that I could use to make into something else for decoration.  I hate cleaning, but yet feel like that is all I do because of having 4 children.  My kids have really learned to start to do their part and we do have a chore list.

So yet the cleaning goes on and on! Well once I was cleaning out and organizing the attic I found one of Kylah's old art cases (it was like a brief case made of wood with a leather handle on top).  It just held a bunch of paint supplies and she didn't use it anymore and said I could throw it away. . .  It actually had a little crack and scratch at the back side of it.  The color of the wood was old and faded.  So I took the handle and the little hinges off. I also laid out some target bags so I wouldn't get a mess on the table.  Next was the old trusty grey paint from my bedroom and started painting.  
This is once I coated the whole piece with the paint. 
I couldn't really decide what color I wanted to make the shelf I was just playing around with it.  So then I took out some left over chalk board black paint from my sons bedroom.  I used a really old brush to start and kinda give it that distressed look.  

I thought it looked kinda cool.
I wanted to be able to put it in my bathroom to hold my kids hand prints and shells.  I still don't have the exact decoration I would like to have put in it.  I went ahead and hung it and put some things in it for a picture.  OH, and before I forget.  You can now hang things with these Command Velcro Strips!!! They are so so Awesome..... no holes, no measuring.!!! I just attached 4 of them to the back and stuck it right to the wall!!! 

I want to do some small jars or maybe neat looking things in it to match my pallet stuff but for right now this is what I'm going with.  The crack in the back actually gave it some character.  Love how it turned out!! 
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