Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I just wanted to say Thank You for all my great friends, that have been messaging me, posting comments, or texting me to check in on Isaiah.  He has been running a fever since this past Thursday.  The doctor said that some of these viruses have been lasting 7 to 14 days. Ahhhhhhh...... But as of (wait, hold your breath) the last 2 hours he hasn't had a fever and hasn't had any motrin since 8:30 this am.  

Thank you Lord for answering prayers, and for my wonderful friends that have been lifting him up and checking on him because lets face it, if you know me close, then you know I'm that freak that worries about my kids and sickness.  I have major anxiety when it comes to that.  This is something I hate about myself.  I'm one of those crazy people you see riding down the road, praying to God asking him to please let it be something simple and then that song Lord I Need You Now comes on K Love and you go by said car and the person is singing like they are in a concert to a 1000 people with no microphone. oh me, so anyways, we get back home and no he doesn't have a fever, hoping it stays that way and I'm doing my Thank You Lord dance and the fighting begins!  Oh yes, the fighting.  He is already running around the table chasing his sister threaten to hit her with his light saber that he got for Christmas, and by golly its the best sound ever... Yes you heard right, the best sound to come out of my mouth, that "Do you want a whippin for hitting your sister?" Oh, its the best!

So hopin that all stays well here and that no one else in this household gets this funk! I pray that all of you stay well too! Thanks again to all my gal pals out there, I love you all dearly!

I wrote this yesterday and wasn't able to publish it because within a hour of writing it out Isaiah's fever returned.  I'm so thankful to say he slept all night and woke up this am fever free.  I hope and I pray that it doesn't come back tonight, this adnovirus that is going around makes the fever come back every night and it can last a long time.  Please continue to pray that he stays well.  I hope none of you guys out there get this mess!!!
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