Saturday, January 30, 2016


Is this a question you hear at your house 3 times or more a day? At my house I hear it 4 times at every meal, which means I am asked what are we having 12 times some times 15 times in one day! Aghhhhhhhh!!! I have 4 kiddos who ask me every meal and then sometimes the hubs to ask. So by the time I finish one meal within 30 mins someone is asking me again.... I want to scream just writing this out and stressing about what I will do for tom. Well one of our favorite meals is a deer roast, or beef roast which ever you prefer.  We have both because of deer hunting.  I am picky about deer meat. I don't want it to have that wild game taste, and with doing this, it is a simple way to roast in the crock pot with veggies and I don't think you can tell a difference.  The first thing I do is layer carrots in the bottom of my crock pot.  I lay the roast on next.
Next I wash and peel about 10 red potatoes. I like to us the red because I heard somewhere they were better for you... 

I also use one whole sweet onion or yellow onion.  
I layer these on top of the roast. 

Its very easy, just a layering process and then cooking and letting it do its thing!

I then fill the top of the crock pot with water, cover with some salt and pepper.  Around 1 tsp of each.  

I put this on around 8:30 in the am so we can eat right at dinner time.  It needs to cook at least 8 hours to be good and tender and your veggies to be good and cooked through.  My kids love to dip the roast with ketchup, A1 or barbecue sauce.  
Once the meat is done, I use 2 cans of sweet green peas warmed up with a tbs of butter, a can of biscuits and there you are with a awesome warm meal that the kids will be thanking their mama for!

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