Sunday, January 24, 2016


Every year when it snows the first thing I think about is what the Lord done for us on the Cross.  Have you ever noticed that when you see a white snow man with a red scarf how absolutely stunning it is?  Or how when the ground has gotten completely white that all the birds eating at the bird feeder are so pretty but there is just something majestic about that red cardinal in the middle of them all and it catches your eye.

I took this picture last year out my front window of a male and female cardinal.  I still can't look at it without first looking at the male.  That red is so beautiful... So every year when I see the red on the white it always reminds of what Christ did for us. He washed us white as snow! So today before I took off on the sledding adventure, I sat down and finished a page in my bible journal that I have been working on.  I originally had only intended to right the word tetelestai in the middle of the crown of thorns with the blood splatter, but then I realized I spelt it wrong.. Yes, I am that goober that loves google! The word tetelestai is the Greek word for "It is finished!" 
But Once I looked over and over it and kept messing with it I realized that I could put a cross in the center, since that Is what he did that washed us white as snow! Thank Goodness for the Cross.  I can't ever hear the story and not cry.  How could anyone hear the story and their hearts not be moved?  I'm going to include my mess ups because I think God wanted me to use the cross and if I had gotten it right the first time I wouldn't have included it.  I used a F where there should have been a L. 

The mess just kept getting worse and worse! Is that not what we do! We get ourselves into this mess sometimes. Stress, Problems, Sin? The more I messed with it the worse it got.  I sat back and said, "Lord I have messed this thing up!" Then he said, The Cross, Hayley!" and I knew that was it! So I worked at it, and worked at it.  Its still a mess, the words don't shine like I would like for it to, but thats me, I'm the hot mess, the stressed out person with a messy life... So this picture means a great deal to me, to know that as messy as I am, God can still cleanse even a sinner like me.  Thank You God for the Cross! 
Most of it is done with water color pencils, micro pens, gel pens and acrylic paint, all of which are my daughter Kylah's arts supplies.  I used acrylic to splatter the red/crimson paint and spray with a water bottle.  I hope someone will read this some where and it will help them to realize the love Christ has shown for us and will see that he can help anyone no matter how messy your life is. 
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