Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I know that all mama's are supposed to have some braggin rights.  Well, with me having four children it seems like when I mention one, I need to mention them all to keep it fair.  So a couple of weeks ago I put a little post on here about Kylah, my oldest, and her Art.  She loves to paint and draw and we are very proud of her.  I do have little things about each kid that I hope to share at some point and time.  But today is Emma's day.  She loves to sing. So I wanted to post a short clip on here of her singing.  I already posted it to instagram and facebook, but felt like since I did put Kylah on here that I need to include each of the other children.

What is so special about this post is that she has just started taking guitar lesson at our church.  She is learning to play it because her daddy and I want her to be able to incorporate some type of instrument with her voice.  Her heart is into singing and she will flat out tell you that, but we want her to be able to recognise the notes that she is singing as well.  

She tells me constantly that she wants to be able to sing something special for our church... so she walks around all the time like she is practicing there.  So I'm in here last night working on my ghost chicken story(see previous post) and she starts talking about songs on Klove and how she really likes this song by Lauren Daigle and would love to be able to sing it for someone.... Unfortunately, I don't count as a special someone anymore since she sings for me all the time.  But I tell her I'm not a huge crowd, but sing it for me anyways and act like I am.  As I type she says I need you to listen to me for a min!! I said, "Goodness ok, what's wrong?" and that's when she tell me exactly how she feels....

"Mama do you know why God put me here?" I respond by saying what I always say or something you know you have heard in church growing up.  "Yes to tell people about Him."  She looks me right in the eyes and says "Yes ! But I'm supposed to SING HIS name mama, not just tell people!" 
Of course I stopped everything I was doing to give her my undivided attention. I said you are exactly right, how about we record your song and send it to Lauren.  I said she may not see it, but we can show her just how much this song has impacted your heart for God.. She of course loves this idea! Because you can attach peoples names on instagram  it would be worth a shot.  So we did, we didn't hear anything back from her but still it was fun.  And it made Emma Grace feel special! So here is the little clip she sang.. Hope it feels your heart for Christ!

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