Friday, February 5, 2016


So, I'm really getting into this whole bible journaling thing.  I'm no where near what you see on pinterest or even close to any of those websites out there that promote it.  But I share it because it really does help me to put these scriptures to memory.  I have a really hard time putting things to memory because I am raising and teaching 4 children, and I promise, promise that with each child, each subject that I teach them I honestly do believe for them to get smarter I have to loose a little bit of knowledge.  I think that's where bad minds come from... I think by the time you hit around 60 or higher if you have children then your brain is possibly half the size it once was because they have robbed you of your own to make theirs bigger... it just has to be!  I have to tell myself this because what other reason would it be for my craziness... So anyway, since I don't have as much space in there to retain the scripture to memory when I put a picture in there and I say it over and over again as I sketch some how I can remember it once I'm finished!

So anyway, I have put pictures of some of my previous journal entries on here, but I'm gonna just display them on this particular entry to show some of them and different ways you can do it.  Some are not the greatest looking, but at the time when I was reading and found something that really struck my heart as I was studying, the picture may have come to mind and then I just started sketching it out... Well sometimes something looks so beautiful in your mind but it never looks the same on paper cause I'm not one of those fancy, nancy awesome art sketchers.  So here are couple that I've done, I hope that with seeing just how simple you can make them that it will encourage you to make a go at it if you are considering journaling.

love xoxoxo

This is my newest one. 

Job 14:1-2

 Genesis 1:5

 Isaiah 43:1

The Psalms


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