Sunday, February 21, 2016


Hey everyone! It has been over a week since I added a post! Eck..... It has been so extremely busy here lately.  I have so much to share and add on here but I just haven't had a moment to sit down and take the time to add it.

So back a few months ago I had shared that I wanted to put Easy things on my blog.  Because who doesn't love easy? I'm a big believer in doing something that taste good but is easy!  I love to be able to provide my kids and husband with something good to eat, but dang I don't always want to be in the kitchen for days on end.  So here lately I have been working on a lot of projects in the house which I will be posting hopefully sometime this week and because I have been working on them I haven't taken the time to make meals that take a lot of prep time.  

Well since breakfast is the first meal of the day, I started with it.  One of the things I just tried shooting from the hip and hoping it would turn out well and it did(surprisingly) and then the other is something my Mema and my Mama would make for us for breakfast when I was a young as I can remember.  Now, you probably can google or look on pinterest and find both of these easy things but I haven't looked because I honestly come up with one of them on my own and I was afraid if I looked on Pinterest and saw where a million people had done it I would be devastated that someone beat me to the idea, so if you are reading this post and say, gosh I already knew to do that, then its ok, (sigh, a little tear) lol its ok, I will have some other things to post later this week that hopefully you haven't seen before.  

The first thing is Blueberry Muffin Pancakes

Key word here is Muffin.  I don't have to include a recipe cause they are not homemade... I use Aldi cause that's where I do my grocery shopping, but I'm figuring you could do this with any mix.  I took out the muffin mix prepared it as the box said and added 1/4 of water extra to my mix and then made pancakes with them instead of muffins.  They were so so yummy, the kids said, "Mama these taste just like muffins!" Plus with the syrup on them they were Divine!  Score!!! This is the one that I made up on my own...

Next is the one that my Mema and Mama would do for me as a child and it was one of my favorites for breakfast.....Oooooh, I can just remember and it makes me want to fix a piece right now. 

Cinnamon Toast

This is so simple but yet the kids will love it. 
Regular loaf bread
stick of butter (I use the real deal)
Brown Sugar

You take and cut several pieces of butter and lay top of slices of bread.
sprinkle on brown sugar
sprinkle on cinnamon
put in oven on broil until the butter melts. The End... its really that simple!

This is before going into the oven.
As you can see, I use a plenty of each, also the kids say they like lots of butter, I usually cut a nice size chunk and then cut that into fours and put 4 small squares onto each slice...

So So yummy, and with a glass of Milk! Ahhhh!!!

What do you do easy for breakfast? You can't eat this every morning, but if you are looking for something the kids will love and not take forever maybe you can try one of these.
Please let me know if you have any easy ones, I would love to try it and I can do a post of what you have here on my blog!

These will also be located on my "Smack Yo Mama"because they are just that good!

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