Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I have really enjoyed doing all these house projects because it helps put my brain in the place of happiness..... Yes my kids and hubby do that but sometimes you need this little me time inside yourself especially when you are home all day with 4 kids and homeschooling them... Can I get a Amen Madea?!    O yes, I get that someone may call the PO, PO over here if mama don't get a little quiet time in her head sometimes... LOL
  So anyway, I have taken to redoing the house into a more of a farmhouse style instead of rustic because for 1. it actually is a farmhouse and second because I just really like the style.  So good enough, I found a old coffee table that someone was going to through away.... AHHHH did you hear the angels sing... FREE love those 4 little letters! I had to do some wood working on it cause it was in pretty bad shape, but once I put my little touches to it I was very tickled at how it turned out.

This is the table when I first got it.  It was missing a drawer on one side, had these little shell looking things that I didn't like and it needed a good sanding.

So I just did a rough coat sanding, nothing major.
With a little hand sander.

Next I popped off the shells, they were attached with nails from a nail gun, this took like two seconds.  Then I sanded where they were so stains wouldn't show through.  I had left over Plywood from my shiplap wall... (I'm telling you, this stuff is awesome..if you are the least bit crafty you will use every inch of this stuff and not waste a bit!  I decided I wanted to cover the hole where the drawer was but wanted it to look like that on each side.  Now the plywood is sharpe on the edges and I wanted it to look soft like a real drawer, so I used the little dremel tool and sanded down the edges so it would look real... then I stained them grey and attached them with a nail gun.  
I did this on both sides.

I wanted the black distress to show through the top and since I was out of black spray flat I used some old black chalk board paint from my sons room, cause I didn't need much.  
Then I painted over that with gray paint from my bedroom. lol, I said it was cheap, and I already had all this stuff at the house.  

Once all the grey and white white was painted I used a soft sandpaper and distressed it in the areas that I liked... I also took a soft rag and coated with boiled linseed oil to give it a protective coat. 

 Next I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased some cute knobs that were 50 percent off which was 2.50 a piece to make them look like real drawers, used my husbands drill and made little holes for these.  I thought it was a cute final touch!

I was tickled with how it turned out.  My coffee table that was 5 bucks!!

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