Saturday, April 9, 2016


We have been looking for the last several months at chicken feeders.  All kinds, plastic, metal, barrels, square containers.  My brother and I both like having chickens for our kids to tend to, play with and take care of.  So he and I had been sharing pictures back and forth of all kinds of feeders that we had run into that would be the most practical for our coops.  We finally ran across one that I really really liked.  So today my husband and I went to Lowes and bought some of the largest PVC pipe that you could find put it together and used bendable wire strips to mount it to the side of the coop.  We also used caps for the tops to keep the food dry.
We are gonna build a small shed to come off the side of the coop so they can stand and eat and drink without being in the weather and it will also keep the food in the end of the pipe dry.
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