Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I wish that I had wrote this post when I listen to the message a couple of weeks ago in my quiet time and said, "Wow, this is awesome way to think of how we should love each other!"

If you have read any of my other blog post then you know that my husband and I love to listen to Pastor James McDonald from Walk in the Word Ministries.   This past week I was listening to a series that talks about husbands and wives and their roles and what they can do to help improve their marriage.  As I sit and listen to the message, it is directed towards the different roles that a marriage has and how we are to do our parts.  The message that I'm including as a link is driven towards husbands, but when ever he is preaching even if its towards the men I still take and apply anything I can that will help me to do better at doing my part.  The message is centered around Ephesians 5:22 and how Christ loves the church and how we are to apply this to our marriages.
I found that he talks of doing this simple thing. "You before Me"

After listening to this and how this is what Christ did for us, it made me want to think on this daily.  If we would all apply this not only to our marriages but to everyone and everything in life imagine with life would be like?  So I urge you to listen to this message.  Especially men, if you want to understand your wives, or have the best marriage possible you can really learn a lot of things by listening.  To be able to really tone in and understand what Christ meant to love your wives as He loved the church.  I'm so blessed to have a wonderful husband that understands this.  He understood this even earlier than what I did.  We have days were we have to really help each other, but for the most part he and I understand now what the scripture means.  I am so truly blessed and thankful that the Lord put us together.

I hate that when I heard the message I didn't sit down and write this, I took notes and knew I wanted to make a post but am just getting around to it and now the link is gone on their website because they are constantly putting on new messages, but I did find it on you tube.  So here is the link, but you will have to watch it instead of just listening.

The Matter of Marital Roles

I hope that you enjoy this as much as we do.

Love and Prayers

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