Thursday, November 10, 2016

Who doesn't like a good coffee cup?!! or pumpkin pie soap?

I LOVE LOVE a new cute coffee cup!  These are some that we have included in our gift baskets that you can do for Christmas.  The ones you have seen on the hooks in my kitchen that say Bless Your Heart, or other cute sayings are displayed here!
This is basket that I just completed for a friend for someone for there Birthday. The one below is 40.  It includes the soap dish and coffee cup.  Get yours ordered to be here in time for the holidays!

This holiday Christmas basket would be excellent for teachers for school, use the soap dish its 18, but if you would rather use the coffee cup it would be 20.  Would be glad to customize it the way you would like.  You could even do a small one with a towel, soap and candle for 15! 

This is one of our newest scents Pumpkin Pie!

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