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So, I'm really getting into this whole bible journaling thing.  I'm no where near what you see on pinterest or even close to any of those websites out there that promote it.  But I share it because it really does help me to put these scriptures to memory.  I have a really hard time putting things to memory because I am raising and teaching 4 children, and I promise, promise that with each child, each subject that I teach them I honestly do believe for them to get smarter I have to loose a little bit of knowledge.  I think that's where bad minds come from... I think by the time you hit around 60 or higher if you have children then your brain is possibly half the size it once was because they have robbed you of your own to make theirs bigger... it just has to be!  I have to tell myself this because what other reason would it be for my craziness... So anyway, since I don't have as much space in there to retain the scripture to memory when I put a picture in there and I say it over and over again as I sketch some how I can remember it once I'm finished!

So anyway, I have put pictures of some of my previous journal entries on here, but I'm gonna just display them on this particular entry to show some of them and different ways you can do it.  Some are not the greatest looking, but at the time when I was reading and found something that really struck my heart as I was studying, the picture may have come to mind and then I just started sketching it out... Well sometimes something looks so beautiful in your mind but it never looks the same on paper cause I'm not one of those fancy, nancy awesome art sketchers.  So here are couple that I've done, I hope that with seeing just how simple you can make them that it will encourage you to make a go at it if you are considering journaling.

love xoxoxo

This is my newest one. Job 14:1-2

 Genesis 1:5

 Isaiah 43:1

The Psalms


When I come onto my blog sometimes I just sit here holding my hands on the keys wandering how to start.  I ponder and think, I don't want to start another one with "Well, this happened" or "So this was next," you get my drift.  But sometimes I think where do I begin? Where do I start?
But then there are those other times when I'm just doing something simple like standing in the shower and it comes to me and I can't wait to rush to get done with my nightly chores so I can get something down.

I love bible journaling it has been such a enjoyment for me to use art or pictures to help me retain scripture.  Its really really hard for me to remember verses and where they are located in the bible and the artwork helps me to retain it, I have talked about that in a previous post.  There are ones that touch my heart so deeply or mean a lot and I want them to be added to my "armor" of scripture that I'm learning so I will have them in my heart when the enemy attacks.

Today, I'm writing about Isaiah 1:18, though our sins make us scarlet, you makes us white as snow!
This is an amazing thing for me.  To know that no matter how far I have strayed or things I've done, God sent Jesus his only son to pay the ultimate sacrifice for me.... crabby, frustrated, complaining about this and that, me!

I've learned at the ripe ol age of 38 that time waits for no one.  Things, people, come and go.  Seasons of life change and you must change with it.  You don't have a choice.  People especially don't stay the same, friends, family all the above, we can't help it.  We have situations and circumstances in our lives that make us change.
Two of the biggest lessons I have learned!! That I will take with me always. 

 Did you know that its easier to be mad at someone than to forgive them?
 Did you also know that its easier to be mean to someone than treat them with kindness when they have hurt or wronged you?

These two things I have experience from both sides.  I have been on the giving and the receiving end of both of these 2 lessons.  But fact is, its really hard to love a mean person, and its hard to forgive when you don't feel like you are in the wrong.

 I was listening to a pastor once that said we as a human tend to tell other people when we are comforting them that, "Hey you have the right to feel this way!"  Or you have the right to feel angry!  Because as humans we want to decide what is right and what is wrong in a situation.

 Something I have also learned is that it is possible for 2 people to see a "right" in the way they are thinking about something and for them to disagree on a subject.   All in all is that, "Is there anyone on this Earth, that you can think of, that had more of a reason to Exert his right, than Jesus?" Did he sin? NO   Did he do anything wrong to deserve what he got?  NO

He out of anyone, that had the right, to Exert his RIGHTS! But he Didn't, did he?  He went to the cross for us all.  I have had to tell myself this over, over, and over again.  When I get angry with anything, the kids, my husband,  or my family, I have to say, I don't have the right to stay angry, mad or frustrated because we are all sinners trying to do our best.

So I say all this to say, forgive often, love often, don't hold grudges, try your best to live as peaceful and humbly as you can.  This is very hard, cause the Enemy wants us squirming and stranded.  But I can promise you, holding on to anger, bitterness, malice, its way heavier than humbly handing it over to God and saying this is to big for me.  Please take this God, because I can't carry this heavy load of frustration anymore.  Thank you God for not exerting your right and carrying all our sins to the cross, so we could fly away like a bird and be washed white as snow!


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