About Me

My Name is Hayley French Knowles

Where do I begin?  I guess first of all I am the wife to a Great Taxidermist (just a little partial over here), but I'm also the homeschooling mama of 4 great kids. I was born in North Carolina and was raised on a tobacco farm here in Reidsville where we still live now.   I love Christ for all he has done for me, and we put him first in everything we do.  I am very frugal in running this household, so I have been using coupons for around 3 years. (but have been taking a break for the last month)  We run very active lives, from church, school, swimming, art, and music lessons, the hubs is also a full time Greensboro Fireman. But we are still able to juggle his full time taxidermy business that he has ran for over 20 years in the middle of all this chaos! 

I have so many loves.....my kids, my hubs, chocolate chip cookies, sweet tea, brownies, animals, my family, anything farmhouse, the sunshine, clothes fresh off the clothes line, little babies, Chick-fil-A, olive garden, couponing,  reading a great book, funny movies, netflix series (especially ncis), pinterest, lots of kinds of music (especially christian) but bluegrass and country rank second, the sounds of a fiddle or a banjo,  the mountains, the beach, fishing, crafts, sewing, cooking, bath and body works hand soap, oh and did i mention Chocolate Chip Cookies!

How can you not love these faces?
from left to right, Isaiah, Jonah, Emma and Kylah, by far the best thing I've ever done. 

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