Thursday, August 25, 2016

Soap Soap Soap

I'm so excited to announce that I'm adding soap to my list of items. This has been such an adventure learning to make homemade soap!  The kids have been able to help somewhat, but it was a little more to it than I expected.  We are currently in the middle of working on all kind of Fall smells because that is the upcoming season.  But right now we have some really good smells that have already cured.  Who knew it took 4 weeks for soap to cure? I sure didn't, so we have had to start early to have it ready ahead of time.

One of the current smells that we have are Oatmeal Honey. This soap is by far my favorite because I use it to wash hands, body, face and all.  All of our soaps can be used for all things but some soaps I think are for body and some that are just ones you would want to put in the guest bathroom, because it looks and smells pretty.  But this soap can do it all!

The next sent we have is "Energy" Poppyseed.
This soap is a blend of Citrus, including Grapefruit, Lemon and Lime, with hints of Cucumber and Jasmin, also a touch of Pineapple. Blackberry and Champagne. There are poppyseeds to act as a exfoliate to the skin to help remove dirt and grime.  

We also have Pumpkin Spice, Pineapple (manago, Popppyseed), AppleJack and Green Apple that are almost ready.  All of our soaps are 3.50 each.  Please let me know if you would like to try some!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

New Stack and adding Teal!

So we have added Teal to the bunch and a little bit of "braiden" going on to the bracelets.  I hope you like some of the new styles.  You can check out them to order on the Distressed Bracelets and KeyChains page

This is the newest of the bunch.

We love to do Unique things, like coordinates, greek words, infinity symbols, or kids names.  Please let us know if we can do something custom.   

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Adding Dyed Colors and Live with Paypal!!

Well after working a couple of days on my site and watching videos on you tube, I have finally gotten my blog up and running to order bracelets and key chains! Yay! So excited.  I haven't had any other eyes to look over it yet, so if you get in to place a order and things don't work or doesn't go smoothly please contact me through the comments below and let me know so I can make changes!  There are gonna be different charms and colors to come very soon that I don't have pictures of to load.  But hopefully I will have them added in the next week.  I'm very excited to see how this works out.  We are also working on another secret..shhhh... its Homemade Soap!  We have a batch that is curing right now as we speak... I didn't realize when I started with these summer projects that it was gonna take 4 weeks for it to cure.  The first batch is oatmeal honey and we can't wait to add it to our products to sell!!

So, with out further ado, we have finished our first dyed project and it has turned out great!!
Since my niece Hannah has helped me so much with my orders, I decided to make her the first one for her 15th birthday.  It is a beautiful brilliant red!

So if you are interested in a colored bracelet or key chain, or the old leather style check out our order page Distressed Blessings Key Chains and Bracelets

Monday, June 13, 2016

Tear Jerker

So its been "one of those last couple of days" that everything I see, think or watch makes me cry.  Why do us women have to be this way?  I'm going through this stage in life where I'm realizing that I'm not 25 anymore (nor do I want to be that age again, lol) but just something has really hit me here so hard.  The fact that I'm edging closer to 40 than 30.  I have enjoyed mother hood so so much!  Every part of it, the pregnancy, delivery, the nursing all hours of the night, being the only one they wanted when they cried, teaching them to walk, talk, just all of it!  I do enjoy the ages that they are at now also.  Seeing them realize that they are big enough to have their on responsibilities.  The changes that are among us are not going to always be fun, (tweens!) sigh...... but I am embracing each part because I know it only last for a short time and then it moves on to the next thing.

But where I'm at as mom feels devastating.  I enjoyed the baby stage so much!  So now its like that word "Final"  no going back, no experiencing the nursing, burping, baby food, teething, teaching to walk, all these sweet moments are over for me.  I have to wait to become a grandmother to experience this again. (excuse me while I wipe the tears off the keyboard, because I am crying as I write this.  My husband says I'm nuts.... we have four precious, beautiful, healthy children.  I have been pregnant 5 times.  (I lost twins in between baby 1 and 2)  My husband feels like we have finally "arrived"  could you hear the music playing dun ta dun dun...... as I said arrived.  We for the most part,  get to sleep through the night and have everyone in their own beds now.  But for me it's heart breaking.  I don't know why I feel this way.  I would love to have a couple more but I know that this chapter of my life is over.  I guess that's what make me so sad.  Hear lately I have been listening to this song by Nichole Nordeman called Slow Down.  I boo hoo every time I listen to it.  Its the perfect song for the way I have felt lately.  I listen to KLove all the time and they play it all the time, but if you don't listen to that station, please take a few mins and watch this video and listen to the song.  Of course listening to it a couple of times makes it even more special.  It is a excellent song, for all mothers!   Slow Down by Nichole Nordeman

Please be in prayer for me, that these sad feelings pass soon.  God knows best, there is a reason he made us to be like we are, but closing a door of life is always hard.

Oh and feel free to sob, I was in the car the other day singing and crying at the same time, while my husband looks on with this dazed and confused look, says, "what?" I'm wiping the tears away saying, "Don't you get it?"  Nope, No they don't! So I cry through the rest of the song thinking, "How beautiful!" but then when its over I'm mad??? So like what alien took over my body?
 I look at him, while he is waiting for me to explain and say, "STUPID SONG" and he's like OOOOK.... Thank Goodness I have a patient man!  Well, I hope that you, if you are a mom, that is struggling like I am with loosing the baby stage you will enjoy this song and the good cry that goes along with it!



Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I wish that I had wrote this post when I listen to the message a couple of weeks ago in my quiet time and said, "Wow, this is awesome way to think of how we should love each other!"

If you have read any of my other blog post then you know that my husband and I love to listen to Pastor James McDonald from Walk in the Word Ministries.   This past week I was listening to a series that talks about husbands and wives and their roles and what they can do to help improve their marriage.  As I sit and listen to the message, it is directed towards the different roles that a marriage has and how we are to do our parts.  The message that I'm including as a link is driven towards husbands, but when ever he is preaching even if its towards the men I still take and apply anything I can that will help me to do better at doing my part.  The message is centered around Ephesians 5:22 and how Christ loves the church and how we are to apply this to our marriages.
I found that he talks of doing this simple thing. "You before Me"

After listening to this and how this is what Christ did for us, it made me want to think on this daily.  If we would all apply this not only to our marriages but to everyone and everything in life imagine with life would be like?  So I urge you to listen to this message.  Especially men, if you want to understand your wives, or have the best marriage possible you can really learn a lot of things by listening.  To be able to really tone in and understand what Christ meant to love your wives as He loved the church.  I'm so blessed to have a wonderful husband that understands this.  He understood this even earlier than what I did.  We have days were we have to really help each other, but for the most part he and I understand now what the scripture means.  I am so truly blessed and thankful that the Lord put us together.

I hate that when I heard the message I didn't sit down and write this, I took notes and knew I wanted to make a post but am just getting around to it and now the link is gone on their website because they are constantly putting on new messages, but I did find it on you tube.  So here is the link, but you will have to watch it instead of just listening.

The Matter of Marital Roles

I hope that you enjoy this as much as we do.

Love and Prayers

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ship lap style Island with Butcher Plank Top

Everyone has went Ship Lap Crazy.  At least a lot of the people I talk to cause of the farmhouse style that has been sweeping across Pinterest and other areas of design.  I absolutely love this style of decorating because it reminds me of my Mema's house.  She has always had the white walls and old furniture.  I am slowly but surly trying to change a lot of the old things I have into more of this style because I love the colors and this style of decorating.  

This kitchen project has been going through my mind for over a year.  I have sketched, used kitchen apps, and talked with people from all over trying to decide just how I wanted to make my kitchen look different but not spend a lot of cash. Especially since I stay home with the kiddos.  Which means that I must do most of the labor myself if I want to make the changes.  The kitchen is such a important room in the house so I have really tried to take my time in making decisions, which I'm still not done yet. So yes, some of the things on the walls dont' match, I have ripped the tile off the back splash ( wow, can you just say huge holes!) and its nowhere near done.  So for today I'm only talking about the island cause that's all that's finished right now.  

Let me show you how I tore the tile off of the bottom of the island.  
We had regular tile under the front side of the island and laminate on top.

 I started with using a flat head screw driver and hammer to loosen the tile which I was able to reuse these tile in a area outside that was always muddy and now we have tile to step on at the dog lot. (double use, score!)

 Of course I always have helpers when we do a job.  Isaiah working hard at removing the grout.

Once I removed it I was able to lightly sand it and then start adding the plywood that I had cut in 5 in planks.  These were a little wider than the original wall because I wanted a wide plank. I also wasn't going to do the distressed look on this.  I used pennies to place in between each plank so it would look like original ship lap was there.

I used a nail gun and a regular circular saw to cut and measure all the boards and attach them to the island except the front.

The front was a little different.  I have hickory cabinets and wanted to have a white wash finish but I also wanted the hickory to show through.  You typically don't see hickory cabinets whitewashed but I said hey, I will give it a try.  So I took all the doors off the hinges.
Please ignore all the pots and pans, I am trying to take the pots off my pot rack that hangs to keep the dust off while I work so they were all crammed in these cabinets. (yuck) 

Next I took the doors outside and lightly sanded them so that the stain would adhere.  Once I had them sanded I used some tacky cloth from Lowes to remove all the dust.  Once they were clean, I started staining them with White Wash pickling stain from Lowes.  I lightly covered them with a 2 dollar brush.  Once they were dry (after a few hours) I lightly sanded them again to give them a finished look.  This picture will be in the end with the top attached.  
Next I went to a awesome lumber yard in Mayodan, NC called Wall Lumber
There they spent a gracious amount of time talking with me and helping me to pick out the exact wood that I wanted for my top! I was so grateful because I knew once I bought this huge heavy piece of wood there was no going back.  So I ordered it and Bam in like 30 days it was ready for pick up.
I decided to go with Ambrosia Maple.  I thought it was beautiful.  I also had 2 legs cut from regular maple to help the top be very secure.
We centered the top on the bar. This was probably the hardest part, because if your floor is not level in all aspects you have to scoot the top around until you make sure all the edges are equal.  You shouldn't try to do this by yourself.  It helps to have a second eye.  

 We purchased a rotary dremel tool at Lowes to help cut the top.  We used my gas range top as a template and then attacked painters tape to the top because the man at Wall Lumber said this will help with top not splintering.  We both took turns cutting because this wood was almost 2"s thick and the tool does get hot.  Once we made pretty good size starting points we went with saws all to finish cutting.  (I don't suggest this) But after I had cut one side and he had cut the other we could get in with the saw and move much faster.  He is a really steady hand with it cause he uses it daily in his taxidermy shop, but typically you would just use a jigsaw and make the straight cuts.  

Once the whole was finished, we cleaned up.  I added the trim from Lowe's to the edges with the nail gun to give it a finished look.  You can get as wide with the trim as you like but I chose a inch wide trim and put it on each corner on both sides to make it looked more finished. I took a soft cloth and wiped over the front with Boiled Linseed Oil to Seal the cabinets.  I let that dry overnight.  I also used Boos Block Butcher block cream on my top and let that sit over night.  Once you get up and wipe it down it's read to use.  

We were very tickled with how it turned out!  Now what are we gonna jump on next?

Monday, May 30, 2016

Filling in some request

Well we have filled some request for some new bracelets and key chains.  One of my nieces has vibrant red hair and my Papa used to call her "Red" so that's what I used on hers, then my other niece has a birthday coming up in June and she wanted one for part of a earlier birthday present.  So we are getting started... Wanted to give a little peak at what they looked like.  We are really excited about this little line of bracelets.  We are also working on a few other things that we hope to put out here in the next month! 
We didn't take the best picture, so I hope to add a few extra soon that show them up a little better.